Crack the Lens: The Armoury. Turn it up. 

The Armoury is about strength, change and is meant to be turned up. This third album by Crack the Lens represents the band's musical evolution and drive to produce a more powerful sound. What began as a shy guy, an acoustic guitar and some simple songs played for friends has grown into a 4 piece dedicated to volume, grit and rhythm - lead by a voice that floats at the surface of your favourite whiskey. The album is broadly influenced. There are songs about lives wasted and well-lived, songs about northern lore, songs about dark bars and great comrades and songs about war and tragically repeated history. If driving guitars and drums that have been beaten senseless are your thing, join us in The Armoury.


Going back, in June 2014, the band released "The Cannon". In that same month, the band was chosen as a winner of X92.9FM’s 2014 Xposure contest, gaining inclusion on a compilation album with proceeds going to the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund.

The band has received attention both locally and beyond. In late 2012 they received regular rotation on X92.9FM as part of the Dailies, and were integrated into the station's regular rotation. They also charted on CJSW 90.9 FM with their first release, and performed live on air there in the fall of 2012. In addition, they have also received airplay on radio shows and podcasts across North America, most notably on Radio Crystal Blue in Philadelphia, Quebec City’s CKRL 89.1 FM “Illusions Auditives”, and Windsor, Ontario's CJAM 99.1 FM.

Through WiFi PR Group based in California, Crack The Lens was added to a compilation distributed at Lollapalooza in Chicago, with the song "Tip Your Hat To Broken Crowns." In February 2014, IMVERYAPE.COM featured an article on the Xposure-winning song, "The Jig Is Up." The song also appeared on a 2014 best-of list, and a ten-year Calgary retrospective. In June 2014, the band was interviewed for an upcoming documentary on Canadian music, "Between Rock and a Hard Place", and in December "The Cannon" received an Album of the Year nomination from a worldwide Celtic music site.  In August 2015, the band's song "Sugar" was used as the intro music for Season 2 of the Calgary-made "BScene TV"