January 23, 2018

Holy Jeez. Big Winter Classic was just the best. Four days of bands, beer and boots on the dance floor. It'll be at least 4 months before Justin's old geezer knees remember how to function normally.  With the festival wrapping up and a bit of time to focus on writing, we're excited to announce that we'll be hitting the studio in the next few months to finally get all the material we've been sitting on for the last little while recorded and delivered to your ears post haste. We've also booked our St. Paddy's party for this year! Head on over to our GIGS section for more.  

Nov. 22, 2017

So, it's been a while, and for that we are a deeply sorrowful bunch. Over the last few months, Taylor got married, Aiden retreated back to Newfoundland for a time, Seth found himself in Victoria furthering his education (seriously, who needs a Masters?) and Justin, well he lost so many drinking games at the Tralapa Sports & Music Festival back in July that he just found his way home. 

BUT!!! Looky looky! We're very proud to be a part of this year's Big Winter Classic! With a number of bands we've shared the stage with before, as well as some heavy hitters we've been fans of since we were much smaller humans, we're just the most excite. We have some new tunes for you and an album to get recorded, but first, on January 18, we party.


June 18, 2017

Good news, prairie friends! We will be putting on our Roughriders ball caps and toasting some pilsners in the wheat fields, as one of the acts playing this year's Tralapa Music & Sports Festival in Taylor's hometown of Tramping Lake, Saskatchewan. We'll be reunited with fellow TLer Shane Volk of festival headliner, One Bad Son!

If you ever needed an excuse for a road trip, this is as good as it'll get! Get a pass, campsite, and a couple of drinks for less than $100.... there's even a mini golf course, a softball tournament (Top Gun montage anyone?) and much MUCH more.

It's truly everything you ever dreamed.

Hit us up for more details!


May 13, 2017

Only now are we recovering from a two-month hangover that hit us hard after the double whammy of The Real McKenzies and The Mahones. For a fleeting moment we thought we had dreamed the whole Trump thing in some feverish delusion...no such luck.

We've got some big news coming this Friday, May 19, about our summer plans. We can't say too much yet, but here's a hint: we'll be going back to our roots in a different way, and joining up with some hometown talent in the process. Check back for the announcement next weekend!

March 6, 2017

And lo, they saw that it was good: not only are we opening up for the Real McKenzies at St Paddy's Super-Special DIckens-Pub Xstravaganza, but we're also hitting Distortion on May 11 to get the night going when The Mahones stop here during their travels!

We're gonna need to get some more beer mugs! (We do have some new shirts on the way, though, so that's cool at least...)


January 10, 2017

Do you hear that? It's the sound of 2017 kicking off with two show announcements! 

Head to the Gigs page for details, but here's the rundown. We'll be joining Open Air & The Path Less Traveled for a little shindig on February 17, and then on our favourite holiday - the Holy Grail of holidays, a St Patrick's Day on a Friday! - we'll be hitting the stage with none other than The Real McKenzies, at their annual St Paddy's show. Check out the Facebook event for more info and a link to tickets!


September 4, 2016

Well, it seems like Zeus has taken offense to our entire city, as well as us - our show last week was cancelled due to a complete and total lack of summer for the last three months. In our sorrow, we immediately went and booked another one!

Head down to Dickens Pub on Sept 23 for our grand return to the Calgary stage, with Thrill of Falling, The Sweets, and guests. We have a bunch of new stuff to play at you, and are those rumours of a new cover song that we hear on the horizon? 



August 4, 2016

Hello and good day, from the rivers of rainwater making their way down the hill outside Aiden's house! At this rate our gear will need some kind of ark to survive the next little while...do drums float?

Assuming the weather holds up, you can sail on down to Stephen Ave on August 23 for our outdoor show with the Downtown Calgary Association. Have a cobb salad and a pint while we entertain your ears! And if it ends up being stormy, we'll still try to play so that we can get that all-important "guitar-being-struck-by-lightning-during-an-epic-solo" photo.


July 10, 2016

So here's a fun band fact: we're all terrible at planning summer trips and have all somehow agreed to stagger our vacations. This is a very complex skill to master, let alone without discussing it beforehand, so I hope you all appreciate the vast efforts we've put into this. We literally can't even.


May 23, 2016

Hello friends! We've been locked away in Aiden's creepy basement, writing some new material and practicing up on our piccolo solos (according to our Instagram). We're now getting around to booking some shows in the coming months, and heading out of town so we can grace some stages in nearby cities. More on that when we've got them confirmed!

Also, Calgary, why you so rainy on this long weekend? Every year, man, every year.


March 9, 2016

Hello fellow Shelbyvillians! (+5 XP if you can name that Simpsons episode...)

We've just added a few new shows to our gigs page. We'll be rockin' for, well, dollars at the Rockin' 4 Dollars St Patrick's Day party on March 16th, when we headline the show that really kicks off the next day. Then we're slowing it down for some soulful crooning at an acoustic performance on March 19 for Mill St. Brewery Lights Out event. Check out one or both!

We're in the midst of writing some tasty new jams, despite half of us taking suspiciously long vacations in other countries....rumour has it that Taylor earned a lot of beads in New Orleans this past Mardi Gras.


January 23, 2016

Holy macaroni! It's been far too long since we updated this. We're not dead or defunct, just really bad at this whole internet thing, apparently.

So! What's new then? 

We're taking a bit of time to write some new tunes so that we can finish recording another album this year. We've got about half the songs written, so we're well on our way.

And if you haven't heard, Justin, Taylor, and Aiden have started up a new side project called Northern Reverie, with Nicki McRae (formerly of Belle Armoury) and Christina Lackowicz (from The Implicate Order, who featured on our last album). You can check out an acoustic version of their first video, "The '84", below, and if you're in town on February 5 come down to the Blind Beggar to see them live!


Here's to updating more in 2016....thanks for putting up with our nonsense :)